The role of an independent building and engineering consultancy company working within the insurance industry during storm session

Morse Building Consultancy has been working alongside the insurance industry for over 15 years as a trusted leader in independent building damage, rectification, and compliance reporting. Having no affiliation with any insurer, loss adjustor or builder makes them one of a few truly independent building and engineering consultancy company who provides their services nationally. As Morse Building Consultancy does not undertake building or engineering works, it allows them to provide unbiased factual reports and scope of works.

Morse Building Consultancy receives requests to provide building and engineering consultancy services to not just insurers, loss adjustors, assessors, and other providers in the broader insurance industry but from private clients too.

The team at Morse Building Consultancy have a high level of responsibility, as both the claimant and insurer rely on accurate, timely reports and depend on the knowledge and experience of the building or engineering consultant who is providing the service. Morse Building Consultancy has a highly skilled team of professional, qualified, licensed building consultants and registered engineering consultants who have been carefully selected for their specific knowledge and experience within the building and construction industry.

Although these days storms can happen anywhere at any given time, Australia actually has an official storm and cyclone season, which runs from November through to April. During this time, many parts of Australia experience an increase in severe weather events including high winds, hail, heavy rainfall, flooding etcetera.

These extremes of nature often result in damage to houses, commercial buildings and other business premises, which in turn sets off an influx of insurance claims. As specialists in investigating and determining damage and cause and being highly experienced with natural disaster events, Morse Building Consultancy understands how much of an impact storm and flood damage can have on individuals and businesses.

After a weather event, those who have experienced flood, hail, or storm damage, will submit their insurance claim to their insurance company. Morse Building Consultancy then receives instructions from the insurance company to have either a building consultant, an engineering consultant or at times both, to undertake a site inspection.

Morse Building Consultancy has the capacity and experience to conduct site investigations on a single structure or multiple structures that have sustained storm damage. The experience of the consultants is perceptible in the detail provided in their reports and scope of works that outline what damage was caused by the weather event and the repairs required to rectify.

Once a report and/or scope of works has been issued, Morse Building Consultancy’s job is generally complete. The insurer may request Morse Building Consultancy attend the site a second time to offer an impartial expert opinion on the repairs being undertaken by the builder, by providing specialist advice on compliance.

Morse Building Consultancy has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to disaster response, providing building and engineering consulting services in the aftermath of the 2020 storms and floods, 2019/2020 bushfires, 2017 Cyclone Debbie, 2015 Cyclone Marcia and 2011 South-East Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi.

With the wild weather expected to continue through until at least April, the team at Morse Building Consultancy can mobilise and start inspections as soon as a location is deemed safe.