Beginning on 30th July 2018, the Household Resilience Program has already received 360 applications (Sept 18), showing that stronger homes for Queensland is welcomed. 

“This initiative is intended to assist Queenslanders living in cyclone prone areas to undertake necessary upgrades and maintenance to make their homes more cyclone resilient,” Mick de Brenni, Minister for Housing and Public Works said.

The State Government press release continues:

“We commenced this program after Governing from the Regions in Mackay, where I listened to locals and saw the work still being done after Cyclone Debbie.

“Less than two months after the program commenced, 360 households between Bundaberg and Cairns have applied for this central support – and already, not yet two months since the program was announced, there are 45 projects underway.”

Mr de Brenni said the Palaszczuk Government will fund 75% of eligible works up to a total project value of $15,000.

“That means home owners will benefit from a Palaszczuk Government contribution up to $11,250, with the homeowner covering the remaining 25 percent,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Importantly, under our program the Palaszczuk Government makes a direct payment to the contractor, so Queensland home owners can manage their costs of living.

“We have also secured and made available low- or no-interest loan products to further lighten the load on Queenslanders.

“Queenslanders expect that if you work hard through your adult life, and you manage to save a deposit and buy your own home, you should be able to retire in relative security.

“Even if you then rely on a modest income like a pension, you should be able to live out your retirement in a safe and secure home.”

Mr de Brenni said the program had proven especially attractive to Queensland seniors, with more than 60% of applicants to the program aged over the age of 55.

“In fact more than a third are over the age of 65,” Mr de Brenni said.

“So far, the vast majority of applications, nearly 90 percent, are for roof replacement and roof structure tie-down upgrades.

“For Queenslanders who rely on a pension, or are living carefully off their retirement savings, projects like roof replacements or tie downs might otherwise be entirely out of reach.

“And we have listened to Queenslanders who have told us that it’s difficult to afford the excess on insurance payouts when homes are damaged due to extreme weather, and high insurance premiums on their homes.

“Almost 92 percent of applicants have home insurance, and we would expect that insurance companies will take into account the improved resilience of these homes when calculating insurance premiums.”

Mr de Brenni said the online application portal was easy to use, with most applications being made via smartphone or tablet.

The Household Resilience Program can be utilised by eligible homeowners for improvements such as:

  • roof replacement including upgrade to roof tie-down
  • roof structure tie-down upgrades using an external over-batten system
  • replacement of garage doors and frames
  • window protection including cyclone shutters or screens
  • tie downs of external structures (e.g. sheds)
  • replacement of external hollow core doors with solid core external grade doors.

Always use a QBCC licensed contractor, entry into a QBCC approved building contract and request evidence of their QBCC Home Warranty Insurance.

From our experiences with past cyclones including Marcia, Yasi and Debbie and the 2018/19 Cyclone season predicting 4 cyclones of cat 3 or stronger in Australian waters, stronger homes for Queenslanders is required so we can all weather the storm better.

For more information or to apply, visit:

For more information on building works or insurance claims relating to past cyclones contact the MBC team for advice on your next step.


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