Site Investigations

Specialist advice in relation to BCA/NCC compliance

Site Investigations

Morse Building Consultancy provides prompt site attendance, surveying of all damage and identifying and recording of any damage specific to the event. We identify any non- event related damage that may be caused by lack of maintenance, pre existing conditions and fair wear / tear.

Our team of building consultants and registered engineers have extensive experience with on site investigations, even during catastrophic events and in remote areas.

During a Morse Building Consultancy detailed inspection, our consultant will determine the extent of the damage and the causation.

Our site investigations are completed on an individual claim basis and in line with our client’s instruction, but typically include:

  • Damage review
  • Causation investigation
  • Buildability assessment
  • Contract works review
  • Scope of works
  • Management of repairs during reinstatement
  • Budget estimate of the damage

Completing a site investigation for a claim or circumstance requires extensive knowledge, experience, and the ability to communicate with all parties effectively - this is where Morse Building Consultancy is a leader in their field.

Investigations form the primary basis in any claim and set the foundation for the further expediting of the claim should it proceed.

In this we ensure we cover all bases and collect relevant data at the time of the investigation to be able to advance the claim immediately upon instruction to proceed further.

Our services extend beyond the norm, and where needed we utilise various equipment, software and inspection tools regularly to assist our investigations.

  • Some of areas of MBC’s expertise include:

  • Forensic analysis of failed building components
  • Defective construction and remedial solutions
  • Fire, flood, storm and impact damaged building assessment, scoping and re-design
  • Subsidence investigation, evaluation and remedial design
  • Retaining wall failure – investigation, evaluation and remedial design
  • In-ground pool defects and failures
  • Digital Level surveys
  • Thermal imaging
  • Structural, Civil and geotechnical investigation
  • Concrete reinforcing identification
  • Concrete cover assessments
  • Moisture ingress survey
  • Asbestos assessment
  • Invasive inspections
  • Ground Penetrating radar (GPR) surveys

To find out more about our site investigations or to engage our services just contact the Morse Building Consultancy team today.