Dispute Resolution

Offering expert opinion on actual cause of identified damage

Dispute Resolution

Should you have an issue or dispute that stems from engineering work, building work or a building insurance claim, we may be able to help. Reaching a satisfactory outcome and navigating the dispute resolution process can be complex so it’s good to have someone to assist.

Morse Building Consultancy has extensive experience in all dispute resolution processes including mediation, arbitration and expert determination. When undertaking dispute resolution plans for our clients, we always prefer cost-effective mediation or alternative methods to resolving disputes. Typically, the achieves more client-satisfactory results, more promptly than formal litigation.

How the dispute resolution process works in QLD and NSW

For building and engineering works, the first step in the dispute resolution process is to contact the builder, engineer or tradesperson in writing as well as over the phone or in person.

You should be concise and:

  • Keep emotions out of the communication and use facts
  • Outline how you would like the problem or concern fixed
  • Ensure you sign and date, as well as keep a copy of the letter

You should allow two weeks for the builder, engineer or tradesperson to fix the problem or provide you with an alternation solution you believe to be fair and adequate.

If your problem is not fixed and/or you are not offered a fair alternative solution - you can lodge a dispute with the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) or the NSW Department of Fair Trading (depending on where the work was carried out).

If you are still not happy with the result from the QBCC or Fair Trading, you can contact either QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) or NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

At any stage you can speak to the Morse Building Consultancy team to determine what professional dispute resolution assistance is available to you.