Building & Engineering Consulting

Specialist advice in relation to BCA/NCC compliance

Building & Engineering Consulting

Morse Building Consultancy have built a elite team of multi-disciplined, qualified and experienced building consultants and registered engineers to provide a range of consulting services.

We provide building consultants, registered engineers and specialist advice in relation to compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ (Dts) Provisions therein, for both Volume 1 (Commercial and Industrial) and Volume 2 (Residential).

For multi-faceted, complex assessments and claims we can manage any and all sub-contractors and specialists such as leak detection experts and roofing experts. MBC will manage the delivery of the specialist report to ensure their findings are incorporated into our final report.

The detailed reports completed by our expert building consultants and engineers are supported by a wide range of resources and experience within the building and construction industry. We have worked on projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales - big and small - across residential and commercial.

Our building consultants and engineers’ expertise includes:

  • Structural engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Insurance investigations
  • Dilapidation surveys and audits
  • Scope of Works

We complete building consultancy and engineering reports for industrial, commercial and residential properties along the east coast of Australia.

Morse Building Consultancy works closely with the insurance industry and, while independent, have build long standing relationships based on mutual trust and expert reporting, with many of the major insurance and loss adjusting firms in Australia.

# All MBC engineers are registered with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland as required by law and industry standards.

Contact usfor more information on how our building consultants and registered engineers can provide you with expedited, quality, thorough, expert engineering and building reports.