Reporting & Scope of Works

Accurate, thorough, timely reports and SOWs

Reporting & Scopes of Work

Building consultants and engineers are utilised throughout the insurance industry to carry out inspections and provide a professional report on behalf of insurers and private clients to identify the cause and resultant damage to property when an insurance claim is make. Our building consultants will detail a schedule (scope of work - SOW) with photographic evidence of the property as well as any rectification work required. This scope of work may be used by contractors/builders to tender and quote for the rectification work.

Our reports and prepared scopes of work are detailed and outline item by item the rectification or work required. The report may also be used as ‘cost analysis’ by the insurer to estimate the cost of work required before the project goes out to tender. This can be used to prevent overcharging or in instances where builders and tradespeople are in short supply.

Morse Building Consultancy have a lot of experience in reporting and scopes of work, having worked on some of the most catastrophic natural disasters in Australian history - Cyclones Debbie, Marcia, Yasi and Larry, and the 2011 Brisbane, Western Qld and Toowoomba Floods. You can learn more about our disaster response services here.

Our reporting and scopes of work services include:

  • Building dispute reviews
  • Damage reporting
  • Expert technical, building and engineering reports
  • Home owners’ compensation inspections
  • Defective and incomplete building work reports
  • Liability claims involving technical building knowledge
  • Reviews of evidence provided to tribunals

The Morse Building Consultancy team have a thorough understand of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards. We are committed to highly detailed, timely and accurate reporting and SOWs. Our registered engineers and licensed building consultants know how to identify issues that will withstand scrutiny and how to provide appropriate information to the instructing party. MBC have assisted a range of lawyers, insurance companies, loss adjusters and assessors with reporting and scopes of work.

To discuss your reporting and SOW requirements - contact the Morse Building Consultancy team.